School Information

Welcome to Whitstable Junior School – a very special place to learn, teach and have fun in an environment that is friendly and welcoming yet aspirational for all of our children and families.

Our aim is to make our school ‘An outstanding school for the local community.’ We work hard to ensure our children receive the best possible education within a caring environment. We give our pupils skills which they will be able to use throughout their educational career and on into later life – academic skills, as well as the skills to be a responsible, tolerant, caring citizen with an understanding of the wider world and our role in sustaining its resources.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as an inclusive school that also has high academic aspirations for all of our pupils who come from many different backgrounds but predominantly live within the Whitstable community. This means we are very focused on the progress and attainment of every child and very child centred in our approach – caring yet insistent on high standards, supportive yet producing well behaved, independent and confident children ready for this and the next stage in their lives.

We are proud of our creative and fun curriculum, our teaching and the positive ethos of our school, frequently commented upon by visitors. We welcome parents into school and value their opinions, working alongside them to do our best for each individual. We pride ourselves in knowing each child well, both as a learner and as a person.

The staff team at Whitstable Junior School are highly dedicated and skilled, working tirelessly to achieve the best for all of our children – creating tomorrow’s academic opportunities and special memories.

‘Doing it the Whitstable Way’ is more than a catch phrase – it encapsulates our belief that we should do what is right for our children and families.  We are proud of the academic, sporting, and personal successes we achieve with our pupils, but most of all we are proud of our pupils themselves; they are our most valuable ambassadors, and living proof of what our school does best.

Come and see what we do for our children. Visits to our website encouraged – visits to school welcomed!

We look forward to seeing you.